Pick the Right Toy, the Safe Toy

Make sure the gifts you give this holiday season are safe. You can help ensure a happy and healthy holiday season for your family by keeping a few tips in mind when doing your holiday shopping:

  • Avoid purchasing toys or games with sharp, protruding or projectile parts.
  • Consider carefully before giving toys such as darts, bows and arrows, BB or pellet guns or air-powered rifles. These can be dangerous in a child’s hands.
  • Check labels for ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) approval to be sure toys meet national safety standards.
  • Check packaging for age recommendations. Give toys that are age and maturity-level appropriate.
  • When giving sports equipment, make sure you also include the appropriate protective eyewear — helmets, facemasks and goggles. Check with your pediatrician or Eye M.D. for recommendations of protective eyewear.
  • Do not select science sets that contain chemicals that can burn, poison or explode.
  • Make sure you keep unsuitable toys away from younger children. A toy that is suitable for an older child may be very dangerous or inappropriate for a younger sibling.

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