Ptosis Surgery (Droopy Eyelid)
By Pediatric Eye Associates, Inc.

1. Rest today and take it easy.

2. Eat lightly today, nausea or vomiting may occur if you eat too soon. You may resume your regular diet and activities tomorrow.

3. You may use Tylenol or Motrin for any discomfort.

4. Your eye may not close completely for the first few days or weeks following eyelid surgery. TO prevent excess eye dryness, it is important that you apply the lubricating ointment every hour, and twice overnight.

5. Use the antibiotic ointment to the incision twice daily

6. Expect bruising and extra swelling of the eyelid or mild bleeding from the eyelid incision for the first 24 hours. IF the eye itself becomes red, this usually means lubricating ointment needs to be applied more frequently for dryness.

7. It sometimes takes several weeks for the eyelid to settle into its final position following ptosis surgery. Exaggerated opening or persistent droopiness from swelling often occurs at first.

8. Baths or showers are okay, but try to keep the incision area dry if possible. No swimming for seven to ten days.

9. Please call 954-885-6575 to schedule your follow-up appointment for tomorrow, if you do not already have one scheduled.

10. Call 954-885-6575 for any questions or problems